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Sophie's Workbook

Sophie-literacy work sheets
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Spring into Spelling: Days of the Week

Here's a vibrant worksheet to help your child out with the monumental task of learning the days of the week.

Spring into Spelling: Critters

Make your second grader's spelling practice more fun by combining it with his favorite critters--birds, bees, cats, and puppies!

Holiday Word Search

Your kid won't have to be coaxed into reading with this fun activity. Help him hunt down and circle words associated with Christmas.

Vowel Sounds: Y as Long "E" and Long "I"

On this second grade reading worksheet, kids sort words ending in "y" into two categories: the long "e" sound as in baby, or the long "i" sound as in spy.

Silent "e" Worksheet

Silent "e" worksheets are important to phonics success. In this silent "e" worksheet, kids learn how to make silent "e" words out of long vowels sounds.

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