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Fast Math Game

This fast math game requires just a deck of cards. Kids need to arrange cards from least to greatest, as fast as they can, by swapping adjacent cards.

Graph Practice

Don't let your second grader forget graphs: review how to read a bar graph and pictograph with help from this handy quiz.

Graphing Data: Colors

Help the concept of graphing really sink in by challenging your second grader to graph kids' favorite colors using a table, tally mark table, and grid.

Practice Graphs

Kids practice representing a set of data using three kinds of graphs: a bar graph, pictograph, and pie graph.

Get into Graphs: Pie Graphs

Help your second grader learn how to interpret a pie graph with this worksheet all about kids and their pets.

Pictogram: Get Into Graphs

Introduce your second grader to graphs with this worksheet that asks kids to read a pictogram and answer a set of questions.

Coordinate Grid: Basic Practice with Sports!

For sports lovers, this coordinate grid worksheet is sure to be a hit. It's packed with baseballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and more!

Winter Sports: Practice Reading a Bar Graph

Celebrate the winter Olympics with this 2nd grade math worksheet in which children practice reading, analyzing, and computing data in a bar graph.

Tally Marks: Keep the Count!

Help your second grader practice using tally marks with this worksheet, and next family game night, she can keep score!

Graphing Survey Data

If your second grader is stumped by bar graphs, clear up the confusion with this worksheet that helps kids learn how to read and interpret a bar graph.

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