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5th Math

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Probability Quiz

Here's a great opportunity for your child to practice probability! He'll solve word problems about the probability of choosing an item from a group.

Olympic Arithmetic: Ice Hockey Word Problems

Help your fourth grader celebrate the Winter Olympics season by incorporating snow sports into math practice: geometry word problems focused on ice hockey.

Angle Puzzle

Take to the seas for your child's next geometry lesson with this fun math sheet that's all about angles.

Aye, Aye, Area: #2

Take your child's geometry practice to the seas! Can your child use his triangle knowledge to find the area of the sail on this sailboat?

Surface Area Smackdown: Round 3

Your child will determine the winner of each boxing match by figuring out which box has the most surface area.

Olympic Arithmetic: Skeleton Time Averages

Your fifth grader will use his math skills to help the judges determine which country has the fastest averages in an exciting Winter Olympics sport--skeleton!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Trail Tracker #6

This colorful printable challenges your fifth grader to find the total length of the ski trail diagram by finding the lengths of each individual segment.

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Jump Scoring #3

Your child gets to play Olympic judge as he completes calculations to find each ski jumper's final score in this 5th grade math worksheet.

Math Olympics: Figure Skating Average Scores

Your child gets to play Olympic judge in this 5th grade math worksheet. She'll calculate each country's average score in order to find the winner!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Jump Scoring #1

Introduce your fifth grader to basic algebra with this Winter Olympics-themed math worksheet. He'll use an algebraic formula to find each ski jumper's score.

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