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5th Math

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Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Jump Scoring #4

Playing Olympic judge is easy with this imaginative worksheet. Ask your fifth grader to determine this ski jumper's final scores using algebraic formulas.

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Trail Tracker #3

This colorful worksheet challenges your fifth grader to find the total length of an Olympic ski trail using her division skills and geometry knowledge.

Division Duplication: 5th Grade

Long division may be tough to master, and fifth grade students can use this math worksheet to practice this important skill.

Expanded Form

Learn to write numbers in expanded form! This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

Rounding Decimals

Practice rounding decimals and comparing their value with a supplemental worksheet.

Circle Parts

Help ingrain circle vocabulary in your fifth grader's mind with this second worksheet based on naming a circle's components.

Word Problems with Division

Every word problem on this fifth grade math worksheet presents a situation with animals that requires division in order to solve it.

Solve the Division Riddle #3

This colorful division worksheet is brimming with valuable division problems, and it's got a funny riddle, too.

Solve the Division Riddle #1

What has eyes, but cannot see? If your child wants to solve this riddle, they're going to have to solve some division first!

Math Card Game: Lucky 13

Fifth grade is an important time to master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This math card game challenges your child to do just that!

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