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1st grade Math - Money

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Noun Town #9

Welcome to Noun Town! Visitors can practice identifying nouns in some of these sample sentences, and then finish with a fun drawing activity.

Noun Town #7

Take the train straight to Noun Town to practice identifying parts of speech. Help your reader get his noun knowledge down in this Noun Town worksheet.

Noun Town #3

Noun town is the perfect place for parts of speech practice! Help your young reader get his nouns down to a tee by identifying the nouns in sample sentences.

Learning to Count Coins

How many coins can you count? Help your little cashier learn to add up coin amounts to figure out the price of these items!

Money Mania: Coins

Money is an important part of our society! Help teach your first grader to recognize the different coins and add up their amounts.

Money Word Problems #1

These word problem worksheets on money will have your 1st-grader making change in no time.

Money Word Problems #2

Help Jeff figure out how much money he has and more with this word problem worksheet. Stretch your math skills with this word problem worksheet.

Money Match: Pennies

This worksheet lets your first grader play with money, while he practices counting and working with pennies.

Money Word Problems #4

Your child will work through money math problems to sum up amounts of money. This word problem worksheet will help your child exercise his math skills.

Money Word Problems #3

These money-themed word problems get your child to tally up the total dollars and cents. Encourage your kid to use his addition, subtraction, and money skills.

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