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1st Grade

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Fix the Sentences: Kitty Cat

Kids rewrite incorrect sentences to gain practice with sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation on this first grade reading and writing worksheet.

Noun Town #6

Learn about the people of Noun Town, and find the plentiful nouns in the community. Your child will use his grammar skills to identify each sentence's nouns.

Noun Town #9

Welcome to Noun Town! Visitors can practice identifying nouns in some of these sample sentences, and then finish with a fun drawing activity.

Noun Town #5

Make the trip down to Noun Town for some parts of speech practice. Your child will identify and circle nouns, then write some of his own.

Noun Town #3

Noun town is the perfect place for parts of speech practice! Help your young reader get his nouns down to a tee by identifying the nouns in sample sentences.

Reading for Comprehension: Drawing Conclusions

This drawing conclusions worksheet gets your child to strengthen his reading comprehension. Try this drawing conclusions worksheet with your third grader.

Let's Go Shopping!: Toys

A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers that focuses on learning numbers and simple addition and subtraction.

Let's Go Shopping!: Art Supplies

A simple coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers.

Word Search: Autumn

Have your first grader identify the words associated with the Autumn season in this word search.

Interactive Story Writing

This reading exercise uses interactive story writing; it's a great way to look at reading comprehension from a different angle.

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