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Subtract Five

Vroom vroom! Start your engines for some super subtraction practice. Your child will get a great visual learning experience with these picture problems.

Number Line Subtraction

Put those counting skills to the test! Use the number line to help your child understand the basics of subtraction. She'll practice subtracting one.

Addition Under the Sea

Dive into addition with the single digits in this worksheet, featuring an ocean floor background.

Cut-Out Graph: Sweet Treats

Take the stress out of math by by making math a hands-on experiment with this yummy worksheet.

Add-a-Bead Pattern

Learning simple patterns is an essential kindergarten skill, and you can add fun to the mix with bead patterns and a cut-and-paste project.

Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

These flash cards serve as an intro to life science, but also help with counting skills and sequential ordering.

Sugar and Spice

Get your third grader in the habit of reading deeper by encouraging him to think about what's going on in this short story and why.

Main Idea of a Story Worksheet

This main idea worksheet guides your child through reading comprehension practice. Download today to get started!

Reading for Comprehension: Cause and Effect

This cause and effect worksheet opens your child up to improved critical thinking abilities. Use this cause and effect worksheet to focus on story structure.

Fill In the Missing Letters

Kids test their alphabet savvy with this worksheet that asks them to fill in the spaces with the missing letters of the alphabet.

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