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Place Value

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Comparing Numbers: Greater Than

Can your second grader dig a little deeper into number comparisons? Have her find the missing number that makes each "greater than" equation true.

Practice Place Value

Test your child's grasp of place value with this 2nd grade math worksheet. Your child must write out the place value of each number in numerals and in words.

Learning Place Value

Put your child's understanding of place value to the test with this challenging math worksheet. Your child will write the place values of each number two ways.

Thousands Place

Go over place value up to the thousands place with this helpful worksheet.

Place Value: Expanding Numbers

Kids practice place value by expanding numbers and smashing them back together again.

Digging Digits: Practice Place Value #1

Start your second grader out with some place value practice with this colorful worksheet that explores the ones, tens, and hundreds digits.

Digging Digits: Practice Place Value #2

Does your second grader need some help with place values? Check out this brightly-colored, fun worksheet that explores numbers up to four digits long.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #2

Greater than or less than? Challenge your second grader to explore number comparisons with this cheerful worksheet!

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

Try this tens, ones, and hundreds worksheet for extra place value practice

Practice Test: Place Value

Help your second grader review place value with this quick practice quiz.

Learning Place Value: Number Fun!

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value and practice reading and ordering whole numbers in the hundreds and thousands.

Place Value Test

Get back on track with this place value test focusing on the tens and ones place.

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