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Make a Weather Wall

Has your child ever played weatherman? Try this science activity that lets kids try their hands at observing and predicting the weather.

Human Life Cycle

Just like all plants and animals, you go through different stages in life too! Help your child to see how he will change and grow throughout his life.

Saturn Coloring Page

Get to know the planet Saturn with this fact-filled coloring page! Your little astronomer can read some interesting information on Saturn as he colors.

Sun Coloring Page

If we could look at the sun, what color would it be? Your child can decide with this sun coloring page, the perfect way to introduce her to astronomy!

Venus Coloring Page

Introduce your little astronomer to Earth's 'sister planet' Venus! He'll color the picture as he learns fun facts about our solar system's brightest planet.

Moon Coloring Page

Aspiring astronomers, get ready for a stellar coloring page all about the moon! Your child can read some fun facts as he colors.

Neptune Coloring Page

Little space explorers can learn about the planet Neptune with this stellar coloring page! Help your child read some fun facts about Neptune as she colors.

Uranus Coloring Page

Get to know the planets of our solar system with a stellar coloring page filled with fun facts about Uranus!

Jupiter Coloring Page

How much do you know about our solar system's largest planet? Read a few fun facts about Jupiter as you color this page.

Mars Coloring Page

Get to know Earth's neighbor a bit more with this Mars coloring page! Your child can read a few fun facts about Mars as he colors.

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