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Egg-cellent Addition!

Improve your fourth grader's math addition skills and have him complete a fun coloring activity using one simple worksheet.

Math Riddles: Addition #5

This math worksheet tests your child's addition and riddle-solving skills. Find out the answer to the riddle, "Which month has 28 days?"

Comparing Two Things

In this worksheet, your child will be comparing two things in the pictures and will decide for himself which one is taller, older, or heavier.

Easter Math: Busy Bee Addition

Help your busy bee get some addition practice in on Easter with this addition worksheet. She'll use visual clues to help her tally up addition problems.

Easter Math: Egg Basket Addition

Add up simple addition problems using Easter themed visual aids, such as Easter eggs and flowers. Try our Easter addition worksheet with your child this spring.

Addition: Space Math

Kids practice adding numbers with addends up to 10 and writing the sums on this space-themed kindergarten math worksheet.

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