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Tower of London Game

Challenge yourself to a ghostly maze right in the middle of one of London's creepiest landmarks.

Escape from Dracula's Castle

Dracula does not vant you to leave his castle. He's constructed a pretty tricky maze in order to keep you here. Use your wits to escape his castle and his bat!

Crop Circle Maze

Aliens are invading, and somehow you got trapped in the middle of a crop circle! Put on your thinking cap to get through complex loops before aliens arrive.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Don't get trapped in the Bermuda Triangle! You'll need to make some swift twists and turns to escape these notorious waters. Are you up for the challenge?

Area 51 Mystery Maze

A UFO has just crashed in Area 51, and only you can solve this other-wordly mystery. Race through this tricky maze to reach the UFO.

Witches Brew

The wicked witch is brewing up some potions. Can you help figure out which potion is what color and how long it takes to make?

Halloween Scramble!

Treat yourself to a tricky word scramble this Halloween! Your child can practice his spelling and vocabulary as he figures out each spooky word.

Loch Ness Monster

"Nessie" may be the world's most famous unseen sea creature! Try seeing things from her point of view with this fun writing prompt.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle #5

Step right up, Halloween experts! This creepy crossword puzzle is jam-packed with spooky clues and maddening monsters. Can you crack this challenging puzzle?

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