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Context Clues Worksheet: Word Mystery

Context clues worksheets help your child read between the lines. Try this context clues worksheet with your young reader to help him infer based on text.

Context Clues: Word Sleuth

This third grade reading worksheet offers practice using context clues to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word in a sentence.

Halloween Story

You've never heard a ghost story like The Phantom Knight of Vandal Camp! Discover the scares, if you dare, behind this tale before writing the ending.

The Wizard in The Wizard of Oz

Learn more about one of the most famous characters in children's literature, The Wizard of Oz, in this character analysis sheet.

Writing Prompt: Monster in the Closet

Are there monsters in the closet? Your 5th grader will use her imagination to create a fun story based on this illustration!

Super Hero Supporting Details

Super powers and saving the world will make any child want to write! Your third grader will learn about adding supporting details to his main idea.

Reading Comprehension: Stuffed Elephant

Improve your child's reading comprehension, and introduce her to a classic children's story, with this worksheet on The Story of a Stuffed Elephant.

Build Vocabulary 7

Encourage your fifth grader to grow his vocabulary with this word-focused worksheet. Kids will learn new words, then write them into sentences.

Build Vocabulary 1

Kids can build their vocabulary and spelling skills with this worksheet. Your child will learn the definitions for vocabulary words and use them in context.

Build Vocabulary 5

Your fifth grader will learn new vocabulary words and put them into use with this worksheet. Try this worksheet with your child to expand his vocabulary.

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