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K - mazes

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Letter Maze: L

Kids pick lemons by completing an L maze on this kindergarten reading worksheet. They draw a path from the lemon to the hand by following the L's.

Frog Maze

This little guy needs to get from one bank to the other, but he can't make it unless you help him navigate through this underwater, frog maze!

Snowman Maze

This friendly snowman maze doubles as simple entertainment for your young learner.

Connect the Dots: Seahorse

If your child loves undersea animals, this connect the dots sheet, featuring a pretty sea horse, is the one for her.

Eco-Friendly Maze: Saving Water

Kids can have a hard time understanding why we need to save water, but this fun maze is a great tool in teaching this important lesson.

Octopus Maze

Here's a silly maze that's sure to please. Can your child find her way through the friendly octopus maze and get to the starfish on the other side?

Amazing Maze: Vase

This vase is more than just a pretty place to put flowers. It's also a fun maze! Can your child find her way through this tricky vase?

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