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Word Family Story: -an

Have fun with word families by using them in a story. This worksheet features four words that end with "-an."

100 Words: Word Building

Challenge your first or second grade reader to make 100 words in this reading and spelling activity for the 100th Day of School.

Soil Porosity: Sand, Silt, and Clay

In this science project, learn about soil porosity and measure the percent porosity of sand, silt, and clay.

Direct Or Indirect?

Determine how good we are at direct and indirect observation.

Alzheimer's Disease

Research what is known about Alzheimer's disease and its treatment, and then prepare a script for television to educate the public.


Study how liquids separate into layers by creating a liquid gradient, different density liquids separate into layers in a graduated cylinder.

Effect of Temperature and Salinity on Surface Tension of Water

Explore properties of liquids and how temperature and salinity effect surface tension of liquids in this fun- filled science fair project idea.

Rainy: How Do Raindrops Begin?

When there are dark clouds, rain is expected but how do raindrops begin? Do this free science fair project and explore the formation of raindrops.

Light & Color

Explore the properties of light and color using photographic filters. Take pictures of color spectrum, compare results of different filters.

Pay Attention!

This science fair project idea determines effective strategies to help students stay awake and attentive.

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