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Station J

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Olympic Math: High Jump

Jump over the hurdles of math by learning mode, median and mean. Use knowledge of data analysis to put each country's scores in a graph and award the winners!

J Is For...

Help your preschooler learn the alphabet and practice letter J sounds all while having fun and coloring!

Circus Arts

Step right up and learn all about the wide world of circus arts in this informative printable.

Make Your Own Rainstick

There's no need to hunt down a cactus for this rainstick craft. In fact, you can recycle items you probably already have on hand.

Jump to It!: A Counting Game

This very physical game gets math off the page and into the real world-- and it works on number sense and estimation, key skills for kindergarten readiness.

Jump Rope The Days of the Week!

Here are two fun, rhythmic jump rope chants to help your first grader learn the days of the week, practice reading skills, and stay fit!

Write Jump Rope Rhymes

Try your hand at writing jump rope rhymes by organizing your ideas first, then composing your creation like a poem.

Craft Your Own Carnival! Make Juggling Balls

These homemade juggling balls are super simple to make and are a blast to play with. Not to mention, they're great practicing hand-eye coordination.

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