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Addition and Subtraction

Filling in multiple choice bubbles is sure to make addition and subtraction practice more fun!

Subtraction Facts: Cupcake Subtraction

Want to soothe those subtraction woes? Cupcakes to the rescue! This neat, sweet worksheet will guide your kid through subtraction facts.

Pet Store Math

There's a big sale at the pet store! How much money do these kids spend? Help your child work through these beginning word problems.

Hundreds Chart with Missing Numbers

Can you count all the way to 100? Help your little math star learn to identify number patterns by filling in the blanks on this hundreds chart.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #1

Greater than or less than? It's up to your second grader to decide which sign would make each of these equations read correctly.

Learning Place Value: Number Fun!

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value and practice reading and ordering whole numbers in the hundreds and thousands.

Time Goes By: Calculate Elapsed Time #1

For kids who already have a handle on telling time, this worksheet poses a new challenge: for each problem, can your child figure out how much time has gone by?

Going to the Zoo: What Time is It?

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will practice telling time by drawing the hands on clocks, then adding up the total amount of time passed.

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