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My 1st Sort Book!

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Spot the Difference: Mailman

Can your kid spot and circle the four hidden differences between these images?

Find What Doesn't Belong: On the Farm

In this preschool math worksheet, your child will practice sorting and categorizing to figure out what doesn't belong.

Matching Game with Toys

A child can never have too many toys. If yours can handle the excitement of seeing these toys in one place, have him match them and connect them with a line.

Same and Different

Kids find the things that are all the same or the thing that's different in this picture quiz.

Find the One That's Different: Sweet Treats

Kids find the pictures that aren't like the others on this worksheet packed with cupcakes, candy corn, and other sweet treats.

Find the One That's Different: Circus Animals

Build your preschooler's observation and critical thinking skills with this fun worksheet.

Find the Difference Picture Puzzles

Preschoolers study a group of pictures and find the one that's different in this sorting worksheet.

Find the One That's Different: Time to Plant

Challenge your preschooler's power of observation with this worksheet that asks her to find the object that doesn't match.

Cat and Mouse Match-Up

Looking for a preschool worksheet to help your kid with math? This printable practices important sorting skills.

Matching Pairs: Toys

Set your junior sleuth on the case and have her put these mixed-up sand toys back together again.

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