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My 1st Tracing Book!

Great for fine motor skills!
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Curved Line Tracing: Match the Shapes and Objects

Complete this simple activity by tracing the curved lines to match each shape with the object that has the same shape.

Tracing Shapes: Circles

Ooh, bubbles! Get your child acquainted with the various shapes with this tracing worksheet.

Horizontal Lines

All living things have a home! Can your little writer help get these plants and animals back to where they belong?

Trace & Color: Jack and the Beanstalk

Kids practice writing straight lines in this cute coloring page featuring Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Vertical Lines: Drawing Downward

Your child will practice and develop her pencil control skills by drawing downward vertical lines which will help her when she begins writing her letters.

Drawing Lines

Get your child ready to write letters with this printable multi-page worksheet that helps with pencil-control skills.

Cutting Lines: What's in the Grass?

Kids use their cutting and coloring skills to make grass for the bugs to hide in on this prekindergarten arts and crafts and coloring worksheet.

Line Tracing: Doggie Directions

Get a worksheet that's all about tracing fun. To complete this worksheet preschooler child will need to trace the rounded lines on the page.

Tracing Lines: Christmas

Trace the diagonal lines of a Christmas tree to help your preschooler develop fine motor skills.

Cutting Triangles: Build a House

Kids use their cutting skills to build Piggy's house on this prekindergarten worksheet. This worksheet helps build fine motor skills and recognition of shapes.

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