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My 2nd Tracing Book!

More fun worksheets to build fine motor skills!
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Follow the Kk Path

How well does your kid know the letter K? This makeshift maze leads him on a letter following path.

Follow the Aa Path

This makeshift maze leads your kid on a letter-following path.

Train Tracing

It's tough to find a kid that doesn't love trains! This worksheet lets your child trace and color his favorite vehicle.

Visual Memory Game 2

This memory game also involves coloring! Your child will get to practice memorizing by trying to re-draw the missing parts of these pictures.

Tracing Diagonal Lines: Match the Opposites

Preschoolers can practice drawing diagonal lines by tracing the lines from bottom to top in order to match the opposite objects with each other.

Tracing Diagonal Lines: Complete the Frog Prince

Become a pro at drawing diagonal lines in preparation for writing your ABC's by tracing the streams of rain drops surrounding the frog prince in the picture!

Match the Seasons: Trace the Diagonal Lines

Match the pictures representing the four seasons with the proper objects by tracing the diagonal lines to connect them in order to prepare for writing.

Fly, Butterfly, Fly!

Help the butterflies fly from left to right by tracing the curved lines.

Motion of the Ocean

Have your preschooler trace the curved lines in the picture to mimic the motion of the ocean in order to practice pencil coordination.

Match the Numbers with the Fruits

Practice tracing curved lines by counting the fruit then drawing a line to match the fruit with the correct number.

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