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If you're looking for a way to teach your kids more about adverbs, these simple worksheets are the way to go.
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Circle the Adverbs, Quickly!

On this second grade reading and writing worksheet, kids carefully, cheerfully, and maybe even quickly circle the adverbs that modify the underlined verbs.

Adverb Exercise

If you're looking for a way to teach your kids more about adverbs, this simple worksheet is the way to go.

ly Adverbs

Get acquainted with -ly adverbs by transforming adjectives into adverbs, then plugging them into sentences.

All About Adverbs: Verbs and Adverbs #1

Kids practice identifying the verb in each sentence, then finding the adverb that describes it to help them see how each part of speech works.

All About Adverbs: Describing How, When, and Where

Kids learn about adverbs in this worksheet that challenges them to identify the adverb in each sentence, then categorize them as describing how, when, or where.

All About Adverbs: Describing Actions #1

Can your child think of a few adverbs to describe the actions of the people in this worksheet? They'll gain a better understanding of adverbs as they work.

All About Adverbs: How Often?

All the adverbs in this worksheet tell how often an action happens. Help your child get to know adverbs of frequency with this fill in the blanks worksheet.

All About Adverbs

Boost your child's adverb vocabulary with this worksheet all about adverbs. It asks them to write adverbs beginning with various letters of the alphabet.

All About Adverbs: Writing Sentences #1

Can your child identify adverbs in a sentence? Boost her adverb skills with a new challenge: writing her own sentences using adverbs.

All About Adverbs: Verbs and Adverbs #2

Help your child conquer verbs and adverbs with this worksheet that asks them to identify these important parts of speech in a sentence.

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