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Use these writing prompts to get started!
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Adjectives to Describe Yourself

Can you come up with a few adjectives to describe yourself? This worksheet will encourage kids to think of adjectives that describe themselves in a fun format.

All About Me!

Let's get to know you! Have your beginning writer complete this activity all about her, a great way to build confidence in herself and in her writing.

Superhero Writing

Every kid wishes he could be a superhero. With this creative writing prompt, have him think of a super power and write about how he'd use it.

Creative Writing for Kids: Monster

Take a look at the colorful monster and practice writing by describing him!

Easter Writing Prompt

Can you imagine what it's like to be the Easter Bunny? Get your child in the Easter mood with this fun writing prompt!

Easter Creative Writing #3

Why do we celebrate Easter? Encourage your child to practice her creative writing skills by answering this holiday question.

Creative Writing for Kids: Outer Space

Practice writing by using your imagination to create a story about your experience in outer space!

Creative Writing for Kids: Amazing Girl

Practice writing about Amazing Girl by using your imagination to answer the questions asking for a description of this unique super hero!

Writing Inspiration for Kids

What's going on here? Your child can decide what's happening and where these characters might go next, using this writing prompt as a start.

Summer Memories

Spark your student's imagination with this fun and creative writing prompt which focuses on summer.

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