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My Fine Motor SKills Book!

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Practice Writing Letters: Rounded

Gain practice for writing rounded letters such as C's and G's by tracing the semicircle-shaped handles of the teapots featured.

Finger Puppets: Practicing Fine Motor

This worksheet will bring out the puppeteer in your child. It requires scissors, tape, fine motor skills, and an eye for following directions.

Cutting Practice: Airplane

Give your preschooler some practice with this fun cutting practice worksheet of an airplane soaring through the sky.

Brown Color

Learn about the brown color and practice fine motor skills along the way with this fun and interactive worksheet!

Match the Flowers: Trace the Diagonal Lines

Preschoolers can use this activity to gain preparation for writing the ABC's by tracing the diagonal lines to connect the matching flowers.

Complete the Dog House: Trace the Diagonal Lines

Complete the roof on Spot's dog house do he can take a nap inside by tracing the diagonal lines!

Things That Are Black

You child will practice her shape recognition and her fine motor skills with this fun worksheet.

Match the Seasons: Trace the Diagonal Lines

Match the pictures representing the four seasons with the proper objects by tracing the diagonal lines to connect them in order to prepare for writing.

Curved Line Tracing: Match the Shapes and Objects

Complete this simple activity by tracing the curved lines to match each shape with the object that has the same shape.

Fly, Butterfly, Fly!

Help the butterflies fly from left to right by tracing the curved lines.

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