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Preschool - Fine Motor Skills

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Tracing Diagonal Lines: Match the Opposites

Preschoolers can practice drawing diagonal lines by tracing the lines from bottom to top in order to match the opposite objects with each other.

Practice Tracing Horizontal Lines

Strengthen your fine motor skills by tracing the horizontal lines to complete the picture and don't forget to use your crayons to add color!

Line Tracing: Fun with Horizontals

Engage your preschooler in a fun line tracing activity matching objects by using horizontal lines that will help her develop her fine motor skills!

Tracing Vertical Lines

Prepare your preschooler for writing by enhancing her fine motor skills development and improving her pencil control. Have her trace the vertical lines.

Heart Tracing

This heart tracing and coloring worksheet is a sweet addition to Valentine's Day activities!

Trace & Color: Race Car

Trace the race car, then color it in and watch it zoom off the page!

Trace and Color: Palm Tree

Shake up coloring time with a trace and color activity that's great for strengthening little hand muscles.

Maze Mania: Hey Diddle Diddle

Find your way through a nursery rhyme maze, and build those fine motor skills in the process.

Trace & Color: Basketball Game

Get your preschooler ready for writing with this trace and color worksheet.

Trace and Color the City

Sneak some writing practice into coloring time with this fun trace and color printable. As she traces the lines, she'll build strong hand muscles for writing!

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