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Design Your Own Soccer Uniform

On this worksheet, your child will get the chance to be creative and design a World Cup uniform any way she likes.

Running Coloring Page

Does you child love to run? She can imagine it's race day as she colors in this finish line scene. It's a photo finish!

Color High-Flying Kites

Soar through the air with a kite coloring page. Add big, bright colors to these high-flying kites as they skiff and twirl in the air in our kite coloring page.

Kite Coloring Page

Get ready for some kite-flying fun! You and your little one can get out those crayons and add a splash of color to this lively toy kite.

Color a Surfer!

Get your kids ready for summer with this beach coloring page featuring a fearless kid surfer.

Tennis Player Coloring Page

Tennis is a great sport for a slow afternoon or a warm spring morning, and this girl seems to be loving it!

Swimming Coloring Page

Color in this swimming coloring page to get in the mood for summer!

Find the Hidden Objects: Baseball

Learning how to count doesn't have to be a chore. Your preschooler won't even realize he's learning as he counts up the balls and bats hidden on the page.

Volleyball Coloring Page

Color in this beach volleyball player as he dives for the ball!

Quarterback Coloring Page

This football player looks like he's getting ready for a victory dance! Do you think his team won?

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