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My Subtraction Workbook!

Fun sheets for your preschooler!
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Preschool Math: Take Away the Sea Creatures

Preschool Math: Take Away the Sea Creatures offers preschoolers an easy introduction to subtraction that will have them wanting to dive right in!

Food Math: Subtraction Fun

Food Math: Subtraction Fun allows preschoolers to practice simple subtraction by providing picture diagrams of each problem.

Jelly Bean Subtraction

This picture-perfect picnic is all set for some subtraction practice! Count up the jelly beans to find out how many got eaten.

Princess Math

Is your preschooler a princess in disguise or a knight on a quest? Either way, encourage fantastical imaginations with this math story about a tired princess.

Monkey Math

Let your preschooler dive into this adorable math worksheet that may just remind her of her favorite storybook.

Pumpkin Math

Get in the fall spirit with this simple subtraction problem perfect for the young mathematician in your life.

Butterfly Subtraction

Spread your math wings, it's time for some subtraction practice! Count up the butterflies in this picture.

Math Stories

Use the fairy tale of the princess and the frog to teach basic subtraction to your preschooler!

Ant Subtraction

March up the anthill for some subtraction practice! Can you tell how many ants are left over in this picture?

Monkey Subtraction

Monkeyin' around is A-okay in this subtraction worksheet! Help your child count up how many bananas have been eaten in this picture problem.

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