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Watercolor: Paint By Number

Perfect for your preschooler!
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Paint by Number

Looking for a twist on the boring old color by number sheets? Try this out! Kids use watercolors to mix their own shades and brighten up this friendly apple.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Rainbow Fish

How can this fish be called a rainbow fish without any colors? He needs your child's help to brighten him up.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Rainbow Horse

This horse doesn't want to be boring old brown; he wants to be all the colors of the rainbow! Can your child help him out?

Watercolor Paint by Number: Koala Bear

Here's a cute koala that's sure to warm any child's heart. As your child paints this adorable scene, she'll practice color mixing and number recognition, too.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Giraffe

Time to pull out those paintbrushes because this giraffe color by number sheet is different than all the rest--it uses watercolors instead of crayons!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Dinosaur

This dinosaur scene is in the need of some color--watercolor that is! As your child paints, she'll practice color mixing and boost number recognition, too.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Toucan

Kids use their watercolors to paint this toucan by number, but since they only have primary colors, they need to mix their own green, orange, and brown.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Flying Toucan

Toucans are some of the most vibrant and colorful birds out there, but the toucan on this paint by number page is missing his colors!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Monkey

What kid doesn't love a good monkey picture? This paint by number scene is lots of fun, and a great way to sneak in some color and number recognition practice.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bear

This paint by number bear is cute enough to cuddle, and it's sure to boost your child's fine motor skills, too.

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