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All About the Weather!

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Beach Boy Paper Doll

Nothing beats a beach outing! What would you wear? Help your child choose the right beach attire for this paper doll boy.

Seasons and Weather

Which season is it right now? Help your little weatherman get to know his seasons with a fun matching activity.

Rainy Weather

It's time for some singin' in the rain! Which clothing would you want to wear on a rainy day?

Let's Get Dressed!

Do shoes go on your head? Of course not! On this prekindergarten science worksheet, kids draw a line to connect each piece of clothing to the correct body part.

Seasons and Holidays

Sort out the seasons with a fun match-up activity! Your child will review her knowledge of the calendar by matching up each holiday with its season.

What Do You Wear in the Summer?

It's a sunny summer day, and kids completing this preschool science worksheet circle the appropriate clothes for summer weather.

Circle What Belongs: Sunny Day

Give your child some categorization practice with this sunny day worksheet. She'll pick out and circle the objects that show up when the sun is shining.

What to Wear in the Fall

Kids completing this preschool science worksheet circle the appropriate clothes for fall weather.

Circle What Belongs: Snowy Day

Would you put your swimsuit on when it's snowing outside? Let your child decide with this simple categorization worksheet

Circle What Belongs: Rainy Day

Which shoes are better for a rainy day, sandals or boots? This worksheet helps kids think critically about what things they see when the rain is pouring.

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