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So Many Synonym Snowflakes!

Searching for a worksheet to help your kid with synonyms? This printable will help him with his vocabulary and spelling skills.

Spelling Puzzles #5

Give your child some practice with spelling. Search the word puzzles for five-letter words. Challenge him to build his vocabulary as he has some fun.

Compound it!

Searching for a worksheet to help your kid with compound words? This printable will help her get a grasp on two-part words like "goldfish."

Spelling Puzzles #1

Put your child's spelling skills to the test. She'll search for four-letter words hidden in the word puzzles. How many can she find?

Spelling Puzzles #2

Combine spelling practice with a fun word search puzzle! Your child will search for hidden four-letter words in these 3x3 puzzles.

Shape Word Search!

Searching for a worksheet to help improve your kid's spelling skills? This printable shape word search will help with his vocabulary.

School Subject Word Search

A handful of subjects, from math and science to art and gym, are hidden in this word search puzzle. Can your little learner find them all?

Find the Hidden Back to School Words

Get your child excited about the new school year with a back to school-themed word search.

Animal Word Search: Two-Legged Critters

Help your child learn about animals that walk on two legs by searching for them in this printable puzzle.

Fishing Word Search

Keep your child occupied on the ride to the lake with this fishing word search.

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