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Two Frogs Coloring Page

Here's an animal coloring sheet featuring a pair of frogs playing their own game of leapfrog!

Tou-can You Color Me?

Whocan color the toucan? Youcan! Help this guy fit in with the other toucans, and spruce his feathers up with some bright, beautiful colors.

Color the Kitty in the Window

Help your child practice her coloring skills with this simple coloring page, which features a kitty sitting on a windowsill.

Baby Horse Coloring Page

Baby horses love their mommies just as much as we do! This coloring page features a mommy horse and her foal enjoying some special cuddle time.

Water Lily Coloring Page

Find your inner zen with this koi pond coloring page! Add some bright and beautiful colors to the water lily and the koi fish.

Benevolent Elephants Coloring

Say this five times fast: seventy-seven benevolent elephants! Or you could just spend some quality coloring time with these three cute elephants.

Chameleon Coloring Page

Did you know chameleons can change colors? Help this cute chameleon blend into his surroundings by giving him some pretty colors.

Pond Life Coloring Page

Preschoolers are sure to love coloring this pond life coloring page that's full of happy frogs, flitting dragonflies, and one cheerful turtle.

Color the Mom and Baby Humpback Whales

Brighten coloring time with this sweet humpback whale coloring page.

Hamster Coloring Page

Color in this cute hamster, who's all set up with a bowl of vegetables to nibble on.

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