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Color the Cute Ankylosaurus

Here's an adorable scene that's sure to please any young dinosaur lover. This coloring page features an Ankylosaurus, known for his knobby armor and club tail.

Color the Plesiosaurus

Teach your child all about the plesiosaurus with this fun coloring sheet.

Color the Prancing Dinosaur

Featuring a cute little dinosaur prancing along, happy as can be, this coloring page is full of charm.

Color the Cute Dinosaur: Hadrosaur

This simple picture, featuring a Hadrosaur, is tons of fun to color, and it's a great way to bring your child back to prehistoric times.

T-Rex Family Coloring Page

This dinosaur coloring sheet features a parent Tyrannosaurus and its cute baby, both in need of some color.

Color the Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex

The T-Rex on this coloring page looks like he's ready to attack.

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