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Carlee loves cheese

Carlee loves to eat cheese! This is for you, boo.
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Something Orange

Explore the color orange with your preschooler by creating an edible picture using orange foods.

ABC Sandwich

Help your preschooler learn her ABCs the tasty way with this twist to the classic grilled cheese sandwich, the AB-Cheese Broil!

Cheese Curds

Did you know June is Dairy Month? Celebrate by making this baked cheese snack!

Ruler Reading: Centimeters and Inches

Does your child know the difference between centimeters and inches? Help him get to know these units of measurement by using a ruler to measure everyday things.

Picture Story Starter

Here's a fun way to get your first grader writing stories; this one's about a mouse, cat, and cheese!

Pictographs: Say Cheese!

To keep track of his cheese sales, Giovanni uses a pictograph. Kids will figure out how his cheese business is doing by using data in the graph.

Critter Subtraction Fun #6

Can your second grader help Marco the Mouse reach his block of cheese? If he can complete a page full of double-digit subtraction, he may be able to assist!

Cheese Coin Toss

This fun cheese wedge coin toss game will offer your child hours of fun. Just print it out, cut and fold along the lines, tape to a table, and start playing!

Counting Up Subtraction

For each problem on this first grade math worksheet, kids subtract single-digit numbers to see how many cheese pieces are left after the mouse eats its snack.

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