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I Love Firemen

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Learning Colors: Red

This worksheet introduces the color red to preschoolers using commons items and animals!

Paper Dolls: Firefighter

No fires to put out here - just playtime with a female firefighter paper doll!

Make a Paper Doll Firefighter

Making a paper doll firefighter is as easy as one, two, three! Color in and cut out the images of the firefighter and his uniform then dress him up.

Firefighter Coloring Page

Encourage your child to think of careers even while having fun coloring. Start with a firefighter coloring page!

Firefighter Paper Doll

if your child dreams of one day being a hero, she'll love this paper doll.

Friendly Fireman Coloring Page

Color in the stripes on this fireman's uniform with the brightest crayon you have, so he can be easily seen at night or at the scene of an emergency.

Fire Engine Coloring Page

Color in this picture of a fire engine. What color are fire engines usually painted?

Dalmatian Coloring Page

This dalmatian coloring page features a dalmatian doggie accompanied by a friendly fireman and his firetruck.

Fire Truck Coloring Page

Break out your red crayons for this fire truck coloring page. It's ready to come to the rescue!

Follow the A to Z Path: Fireman Fred

Fireman Fred needs help finding his water hose. As your child finds a path from A to Z, she'll practice learning her ABC's!

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