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Pirate Time!

All pirates, all the time.
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Pirate Coloring Page: Captain Hook

This pirate coloring page features the infamous Captain Hook, the surliest, saltiest captain in Neverland!

Plan a Pirate Party

Planning a pirate party for your kid's birthday? From invitations in a bottle, to homemade telescopes, grub, and plenty of treasure, here are great party ideas.

Pirate Number Sense

Arr, it's time to find some pirate treasure! Kids get practice with three-digit counting as they fill in the missing numbers to find the treasure chest.

Craft Your Own Pirate Telescope

Craft a pirate telescope using an old paper towel roll, and get ready for some goofy pirate adventures!

Pirate Coloring Page

Looks like this pirate has been the victim of a practical joke -- someone made off with his treasure!

Make a Pirate Hook!

Does your child long to be the next Captain Hook? This great craft activity will provide an invaluable accessory for any costume box: a pirate hook!

Color the Pirate Ship

This coloring page features a pirate who needs your child's help to add color to the swashbuckling scene.

Blackbeard the Pirate Coloring Page

This Blackbeard the Pirate coloring page features the most fearsome pirate of the high seas! Bring him to life with color.

Buried Treasure Game

Has your preschooler ever wanted to be a pirate? This fun activity will put her healthy imagination into action!

Paper Puppet: Pirate

Third graders will get a kick out of creating their very own pirate paper puppet. Simply color in the pirate, cut out his parts, and attach them together.

Pirate Word Search

Shiver me timbers! It's a pirate word search, perfect for your budding buccaneer.

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