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Metric Measurements

Get your child clued in on the metric system by quizzing her with these challenging problems converting and comparing metric measurements.

Linear Measurement

Here's multiplication practice with real world applications! Plus, memorizing this linear measurement chart will help your kid keep track of conversions.

Units of Measurement: Metric Length

Introduce your child to basic metric units of length (centimeters, meters and kilometers) with this conversion worksheet.

From Time to Time: Converting to Hours, Days, and Weeks

Boost your child's time sense with a lesson in time conversion. This word problem worksheet challenges him to convert a unit of time to hours, days, or weeks.

Metric Measuring

Introduce your fifth grader to the metric system with this Halloween-themed worksheet full of tricky measurement conversions.

Unit Conversion Practice

Get great metric unit conversion practice with printables like this! Use the ladder method to use to skip from kilometers to meters, and more.

Unit Conversion: Ounces to Pounds

Kids practice converting ounces to pounds and vice versa in this baking-themed measurement worksheet.

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