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Worksheets that cover a range of math courses.
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Magic KenKen® Puzzle

Your students will need to use math operations and logic to solve this KenKen® puzzle!

Robot KenKen® Puzzle

This little puzzle is a great way to get your students started on KenKen®, a fun math logic game that comes from Japan.

Kitten KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® level 7 puzzle can be a bit of a challenge, and we know it will help your students develop better logical thinking and math skills!

Stacking Dice Puzzles

Work on critical thinking skills using dice to complete this worksheet, which focuses on algebraic patterns.

Frog KenKen® Puzzle

Check out the challenging logic puzzle known as KenKen® with your math students!

KenKen® Puzzle: Fairy

Your students will have the opportunity to improve their logical thinking skills and work with mathematical operations in this KenKen® puzzle.

Pony KenKen® Puzzle

Your students will be challenged to perform different math calculations and use logical thinking skills as they complete this KenKen® puzzle.

Butterfly KenKen® Puzzle

This level 1 puzzle is perfect for getting your student started with KenKen®, a math operations and logic game from Japan!

Snake KenKen® Puzzle

With a little logical thinking, we bet your student can find the solution to this mathematical KenKen® puzzle!

Multiplying Monomials #2

Is your middle school student learning about monomials? Give her a great supplemental sheet to practice multiplying monomials.

Probability Darts 3

Build on fraction math skills and work with degrees to get probability practice for your middle schooler with this math worksheet series.

Halloween Algebra #3

Here's a fun way to practice beginning algebra! Solve for X in these addition equations, and match up your answers to solve a Halloween riddle.

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