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My Address

Help your preschooler learn how to write her address with this fun envelope template!

My Phone Number

Can your preschooler recite his phone number? Use this cute template to help him learn an important bit of information.

Community Workers

Do you know your community workers? These people need help getting back to their vehicles, and it's up to your child to help them out!

Doctor Coloring Page: Tools

This doctor coloring page featuring tools doctors use will help your child grow familiar with some common medical instruments.

Construction Coloring Page

Take learning one brick at a time! Have fun with your little builder, and color this construction zone coloring page.

Cut-Out Masks: Policeman

Play pretend with this cut-out police officer mask. Your child will color in this DIY police officer mask, before it's cut out and tied to perfection.

Measuring Length: More Veggies

On this first grade math worksheet, kids use a ruler to measure four vegetables in inches. Then they compare lengths to find the shortest and longest veggie.

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