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Rhyming and Words

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Review Beginning Sounds R, S and T

Help your child practice beginning letters and sounds with this fun worksheet, which challenges your child to identify the letters "r", "s" and "t".

Easy Word Search

This word search is all about sight words beginning with the letter A! Get your kindergartener ready for reading and writing with a fun word search.

C is for Cup: Review Beginning Sounds

C is for cup? This worksheet helps kids review beginning sounds by asking them to say the name of each picture and circle the letter it starts with.

Fun Rhymes: Circle and Color

Boost phonics learning with this rhyme and color worksheet. Kids say all the picture names, then circle different pictures that rhyme with each other.

Fun with Rhymes: Read and Draw

Here's a worksheet that makes rhyming fun! Kids read silly rhymes, then use the picture clues to draw in what's missing.

Words with the Long A Sound

This worksheet gives your child four pages to practice his rhyming skills and identify words with long "a" sounds.

Ug: Find the Rhyming Words

Is your child as happy as a bug with a jug? This worksheet is all about ug, and finding the words that rhyme with it.

Rhyme Time: The Long E

This worksheet gives your child four pages to practice his rhyming skills and learn how to identify words with long e sounds.

Word Families: Rhyme with -ake

Help your kindergartener improve his reading with this printable phonics worksheet, which is all about matching words that rhyme.

"eg" Word Family

This eg word family cut and paste activity helps kids learn how to build new words by adding letters. They'll learn rhyming words from the -eg word family.

Ell Word Family

Here your child learns to rhyme words from the -ell word family!

Words that Rhyme with Boat

Introduce your young reader to the "oat" word family with this rhyming words practice page.

Rhyming Color Words

Flex your kindergartener's phonics skills with this fun worksheet, which challenges your child to identify colors that rhyme with other words.

Time to Rhyme: Matching Rhymes #2

Set your kindergartener on the right reading track with this worksheet that asks her to read each word, then match the two that rhyme.

Time to Rhyme: Matching Rhymes #1

Help your beginning reader practice phonics and expand her reading vocabulary with this rhyme match worksheet.

Time to Rhyme: Dress-Up Rhymes

With a cute dress-up theme, this worksheet keeps kids entertained as they practice sounding out words and making rhymes.

Time to Rhyme!

There's no denying that rhymes are fun, but they pack a lot of reading benefits, too. Get rhyming with this worksheet.

Art Museum Rhyme Time!

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid gain practice reading through rhyming? This printable is perfect for early readers.

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