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5th Grade Olympics Packet

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Winter Olympics: Biathlon

With this worksheet, kids read about the sport of biathlon and gain an appreciation for the skills involved by studying the math and physics behind them!

Winter Olympics: Short Track Speed Skating

This cool physics worksheet helps kids learn how centripetal force and centrifugal force can explain why short track speed skaters don't fall over during turns.

Winter Olympics: Bobsled

Learn about drag, air resistance, and Newton's laws with this cool worksheet on bobsled physics!

Winter Olympics: Slalom Skiing

In this worksheet, kids learn about basic physics concepts like mass, momentum, and velocity by applying them to a popular Winter Olympics sport: slalom skiing!

Winter Olympics: Figure Skating

This physics of figure skating worksheet teaches kids about angular momentum and moment of inertia by using the example of a spinning figure skater.

Winter Olympics: Ice Hockey

This worksheet teaches kids about the physics of hockey, applying principles of classical mechanics to an effective slapshot.

Winter Olympics: Snowboarding

Kids can use this physics of snowboarding worksheet to learn about velocity and torque while trying out a fun physics experiment of their own!

Olympic Arithmetic: Luge Time Averages

Challenge your fifth grader to help the judges determine the big winner of the luge race by completing the table of time averages!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Jump Scoring #5

Who will take home Olympic bronze, silver, and gold? Your fifth grader's algebraic ability is needed!

Olympic Arithmetic: Ski Jump Scoring #4

Playing Olympic judge is easy with this imaginative worksheet. Ask your fifth grader to determine this ski jumper's final scores using algebraic formulas.

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