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math graphing

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Tally Time: At the Farmers Market

The farmer needs help keeping track of his vegetables. Can your child use her counting skills to give him a hand?

Shape Dimensions: Solid Figures

Kids get acquainted with three-dimensional shapes like cubes, cones and prisms, and practice building a bar graph while they're at it.

Picture Graphs: What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or chocolate chip? Sweeten up graph practice with this simple picture graph!

Garden Graphing

Kids boost counting and graphing skills as they make a graph to illustrate the rabbit's garden vegetable pickings.

Beginning Bar Graphs: Favorite Sports

Football, basketball, baseball, or hockey? Channel your child's love of sports into a beginner's bar graph lesson.

Tally Chart: At the Sushi Counter

The chef made a lot of sushi today during lunch. Can your child help him figure out how much sushi he made by filling in the table with tally marks?

Tally Time: On the Farm

Kids help Minnie figure out how many pigs, sheep, and other animals live on the farm by reading the tables and counting up the tally marks.

Different Types of Graphs: Picture and Bar Graphs

Sure to test your kid's graphing skills, this graph worksheet features two different types of graphs and questions to go along with them.

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