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counting coins

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Let's Go Shopping!: Purses

A quick worksheet for preschoolers on money-counting, featuring purses.

Let's Go Shopping!: Rubber Ducky

A counting worksheet for preschoolers and toddlers featuring a rubber duck. Helps children learn simple addition and subtraction skills.

Identifying Coins

There are so many coins on this worksheet, but which one is which? Challenge your child with identifying coins.

Learn the Coins: The Quarter

Which coin features our first president? Kids learn as they also practice tracing, counting, and coloring the fabulous quarter.

Money Match: Money in the Bank

First graders use their money savvy to figure out how much money is in each piggy bank.

How Much Does It Cost? #2

Let's go on a shopping spree! Your little cashier will add up coins and dollars to figure out how much each item costs.

Money Word Problems #6

Some kids need help figuring out how much money is in their wallets, and your child can help. Solve these problems with your child to find sums of money.

Counting Coins in the Purse

Help your child with his addition skills with this math worksheet, which is all about counting small change.

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