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Heat Conduction

Examine which metal conducts more heat by boiling water in 3 pans made of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

What Material does the Best Job of Keeping You Warm?

The thermometer outside is dip, dip, dipping! What kind of clothes will keep you warmest this winter? This project determines which materials insulate best.

Starches as Thickening Agents

Explore the role of starches as thickening agents in food, and learn about the chemical properties of starch in the process.

How Does Temperature Affect the Stretch of Rubber Bands?

This project explores what happens to a rubber band when it is heated and cooled.

What is the Most Effective Winter Coat Insulation?

Science fair project which identifies the most effective insulator that you could use to make a winter coat by comparing how well cloth and cotton trap heat.

How Do Different Materials Affect Air Resistance?

This project will examine the relationship between materials and air resistance.

How Does Color Influence Recall?

This experiment investigates whether paper color influences people's ability to remember the information that they read.

Angle of Heat

Science fair project which compares the rate of temperature change and the maximum temperature as a result of the angle of light radiation.

Are Artificial Sweeteners as Sweet as Real Sugar?

This project examines whether sugar substitutes are as sweet as real sugar.

Which Color Absorbs the Most Heat?

In this fun experiment, we'll find out how color affects heat absorption!

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