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Stay Active With Fitness Tic-Tac-Toe

Make physical activity fun with this 4th-5th grade fitness game that's a twist on classic Tic-Tac-Toe.

Play Rattlesnake Relay

Need an outdoor activity for your next party or family gathering? Try this wacky group relay game that's fun for adults and kids alike.

Conkers: A British Kids' Game

Horse chestnuts are inedible, but British children found a fun use for them around the 1840s by turning them into a game called Conkers.

Relay Race Ideas

This year, celebrate Father's Day with three hilarious outdoor family games.

Be an Inspector Detective for a Day

Be an inspector detective for a day in this fun mystery game that puts your child's powers of observation to the test. Perfect for a party or group gathering.

Water Balloon Tag

Who needs a pool when you can play water balloon tag? Cool down this summer with a game that mixes hot potato, water balloons and freeze tag.

Cornhole Game

Looking for something to do on a slow afternoon? Try cornhole, a simple and fun tossing game. Make your own set with a few things from the recycling bin.

Olympics at Home

Your family will have a blast getting into the sporty spirit with these Olympics-themed contests. Here's how to get started:

Geography Game with Dr. Seuss!

Kids put their geography knowledge to the test in this balloon volley game inspired by the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the Places You'll Go".

Trust Walk

Boost your child's listening, verbal and teamwork skills with this unique trust game in which one player guides another through a maze using only words.

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