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Sport Fairies

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Soccer Fairy Coloring Activity

Your child will have a blast coloring in this soccer-playing fairy. Have her color in the fairy's wings to mimic a soccer ball's pattern.

Football Fairy Coloring Activity

Your kindergartener will be excited and use her imagination to color this action-packed scene of Graceful on the Gridiron, a football-playing fairy.

Basketball Fairy Coloring Activity

This coloring activity of a basketball-playing fairy will encourage your kindergartener to use her imagination and pique her interest in fantasy and sports.

Tennis Fairy Coloring Activity

This fun coloring activity of a tennis-playing fairy will nurture the future tennis player/fairy in your child.

Bowling Fairy Coloring Activity

Kindergarteners will enjoy using their creativity to color in Lovely on the Lanes, a bowling ball toting fairy.

Cheerleader Fairy Coloring Activity

Pretty with Pom-Poms, a cute and perky cheerleader fairy, will be a hit coloring project for your kindergartener.

Golf Fairy Coloring Activity

A sports...fairy? That's right! Add a little whimsy to your kid's coloring routine with this golf club toting fairy known as Graceful on the Green.

Frisbee Fairy Coloring Activity

Use your imagination and crayons to color in this Frisbee yielding fairy.

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