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Writing, first grade

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Learning Directions

Here's a fun exercise with directions, north, south, east and west! Using the town map, she'll practice determining the directions of locations.

Outer Space Painting

Show your child the solar system and let him explore the stars and space by creating a painting. It's a fun and easy way capture your child's imagination.

How a 1st Grader Thinks

An expert guide to the mental development of first graders.

Your First Grader's Social Life

Whether it's on the playground or when adult backs are turned, a first grader's peer relationships can tell a lot about what is, and isn't, on their minds.

Social Graces: What to Expect in 1st Grade

Here's a parenting guide to teaching your first grader the basic fundamentals of etiquette.

1st Grade Writing: What Happens

Learn what your child should be able to do at the beginning and end of first grade writing.

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