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Go on a Direction Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt game is simple, but it's fun, and it will arm your child with the directional vocabulary he should master in time for kindergarten.

Locations, Locations! Little Red Riding Hood

Can your first grader follow the directions to help Little Red Riding Hood make her way to her grandmother's?

Directions First: Reading to Draw

Here's an activity to encourage your young artist to read. Invite your child to visualize directions on colors, numbers, and shapes to create cool pictures!

Following Instructions #2

Make following instructions fun and interesting with this worksheet! Your child will practice an important skill that's needed on a daily basis.

Follow the Instructions #1

Pair the skill of following directions with math and you have a fun way to practice both. Follow the directions to add, subtract or multiply.

City Map

By following the directions under the map, help your child get from one side of town to the other.

School Maze

There are many ways to get to school, but which way is the fastest and safest? Have some fun navigating this school maze with your preschooler.

Farmers Market Map

Create your own farmers market map with these printable templates! Kids practice following directions to put together the market.

Map to School

How do you get to school each morning? Use this fun template to create a map to school.

Map Your Neighborhood

Have some outdoor fun with your preschooler, and use these colorful cut-outs to map your neighborhood!

My Address

Help your preschooler learn how to write her address with this fun envelope template!

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