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Soil Layers

Quiz your little scientist on his knowledge of the soil layers! He'll be reviewing some important earth science concepts and key terms.

Go Fishing for Grammar!

Remember the classic card game, Go Fish? Here's a fun twist on it that will help your kid learn her the different parts of speech in a fun way!

Write Silly Sentences to Master Verb Tenses

Help your second grader grasp the concept of verb tenses with this silly card game!

Dictionary Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt gets kids comfortable using the dictionary, and makes looking up words a lot of fun!

What is a Character Trait?

Who are the people young readers meet in their books? This reading activity will help your first grader build important comprehension skills.

Action! Make Movies as you Read

For a fun way to encourage your child to read, try this comprehension technique made to satisfy visual learners.

Make a Prefix-Suffix Flip Book

Create a prefix-suffix flip-book and help improve your fourth grader's decoding skills and vocabulary.

Sticky Note Project

Representing the story in a visual way makes it easier for your child to compare the traits of various characters.

Table of Contents Treasure Hunt

Send your child on a table of contents treasure hunt to help build basic research skills! Navigating a book is a skill that is sure to come in handy later on.

"Bump!" A Spelling Game

Students usually study for spelling tests by looking over the words and spelling them out loud. Here's a spelling game that gets the whole family involved!

Play Contraction Concentration!

Help your first grade child figure out contractions and their original two words by playing this simple game, Contraction Concentration!

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