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Reading Maps

Do goblins and ghostly mansions scare your child? Give your second grader map practice with this haunted scene and find the location of each spooky item.

Addition Treasure Hunt

Here's a brain-challenging treasure hunt for your third grader, calling upon math skills with money and with decimals!

Make Your Own Abacus!

Countries all around the world have been using the abacus for thousands of years to make math easier. Have your kid make his own abacus to practice arithmetic.

Practice Test: Bar Graphs and Pictograms

Help your first grader review simple graphs with this nifty printable practice quiz.

How Old is That Tree?

Try this simple activity with your child to guesstimate the age of a tree in your yard and nurture her developing math skills while you're at it!

My Measurements

On this second grade math worksheet, you and your child use a measuring tape to measure body parts such as her hand, arm, head, and face.

School Shopping: Dividing Money

Our dividing money worksheet sharpens your kid's division skills and lets him practice an important skill. This dividing money worksheet is practical and fun!

Buying in Bulk

Is buying in bulk worth it? Figure it out with this worksheet.

How to Calculate Discounts

Use percentage and decimal math to figure out how to calculate discounts on products.

It All Adds Up

You'll need all your money math skills for these challenging word problems.

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