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Halloween Matching

Bust out the candy and the spooky ghosts! Can your kindergartener match each Halloween word to the correct picture?

Halloween Mini-Book

This haunting mini-book it perfect for helping kids learn while celebrating the spirit of Halloween!

Who Am I: Halloween

Read the clues to find out who's who in this fun, Halloween-themed problem solving challenge.

What's My Name: Halloween

Complete a Halloween-themed reading and problem-solving challenge by writing the correct name under each person.

Halloween Costume Game

Try a Halloween-themed reading and problem solving game for kindergarteners.

Halloween Rebus Story

Complete a Halloween story by pasting pictures in the correct places in a text.

Halloween Handwriting

Let your kindergartener practice her handwriting with a few Halloween friends. She'll write out spooky and silly items like candy, ghosts and spiders.

Halloween Numbers: Candy!

Trick or Treat! This worksheet is a fun way to get your child some number and counting practice in a sweet way.

Halloween Numbers: Witch Hats

It's the witching hour! Ask your child to wear her witch hat and do some magic to fill in the missing numbers in the right order.

Halloween Letters

The spiders and ghosts have eaten up a lot of letters. Is your child brave enough to go inside this haunted house and fill in the missing ones?

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