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Spring & Summer crafts

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Homemade Earring Holder

Help your kid organize her collection of earrings and other accessories with a fun embroidery craft!

Paint a Handprint Mermaid

This underwater painting is as colorful as it is fun!

Make Noodle Necklaces!

Stringing beads helps develop the hand-eye coordination kids need to write, and noodles are sized just right for junior jewelry-makers.

Build a Pine Cone Bird Feeder!

Build a kindergarten bird feeder science craft that brings birds to your yard, and a smile to the whole family's face.

Make a Decorative Paperweight!

Using water, corn syrup, and sequins, your child can create a unique art project while exploring what happens when different liquids are mixed together!

Making Wind Chimes

This beaded wind chime is fun to make and it gets kids experimenting with patterns, a key kindergarten math skill.

Bottle Cap Jewelry

This bottle cap jewelry project is a fun way to add personal style to your pre-teen's wardrobe without breaking the bank or battling mall crowds.

Valentine's Day Flowers

You don't need a garden to enjoy flowers. This first grade activity let's you make a lovely bouquet for Valentine's Day

Create a Painted Rock Mosaic

Make a colorful rock mosaic that will help your child practice her patterns, shapes, and colors while making a beautiful work of art!

Make a Shell Craft Treasure Box

Invite your kindergarten marine biologist to practice in scientific identification and categorization while she creates a lovely treasure box.

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