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Spring & Summer crafts

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Make Rose Petal Beads

Who knew that you could make beads out of rose petals? Not only can it be done, but the beads smell wonderful!

Make a Flower Pot Pen Bouquet

As school starts, there's no better time to get your kid off to a fresh, fun, organized start. Here's a desk craft for style-minded students!

Eggshell Planters

Kids grow grass in homemade eggshell planters in this unique middle school arts and crafts activity. Makes a great gift for Easter.

Egg Carton Goggles

Preschoolers can ply their creativity making recycled egg carton masks in this clever eco-friendly arts and crafts activity.

Make Rose Soap Petals

For this activity your child will use the ready made glycerin base to create elegant rose petal hand soaps.

Craft Fizzing Bath Soaps

Help your child experiment with the combination of acid and baking soda by making these homemade bath bombs!

Craft a Seashell Wind Chime

Make a seashell wind chime for your back porch. Perfect for younger kids to build motor skills on.

Bake Cookie Puppets

Turn ordinary cookies into puppets and create edible performance art!

Make a Button Bracelet

In this first grade arts and crafts activity, you can make fun bracelets using just a handful of buttons and some elastic cord. And it's a counting game, too!

Make a Pinata!

Got that party fever? Looking for a crafty distraction for a warm day? Few things are as fun for kids as a piƱata, and it's easy as pie to make your own!

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